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  • Research Assistants: Information and Application Portal Link
    HOW TO APPLY: To apply, click here to fill out our application form! Click here to learn more about our research leaders, their research interests, and projects. Please ensure that you have the following:​ (1) Your most recent Curriculum Vitae (CV). This should include your past and ongoing work, research, volunteer and extra-curricular experiences.​ (2) Your latest unofficial transcript available NB: All acceptances remain contingent upon available openings in our lab and good fit with our research projects. Benefits from being an RA • The depth of knowledge you gain through participating in our lab goes far beyond what you learn in your classes. If you are interested in pursuing graduate school, especially in social psychology, this is the best preparation. • Dr. Chen can write an outstanding letter of recommendation for high performing, motivated lab members. By doing research with us, she can say much more about you than students who were in her classes. • Beyond substantive knowledge, you will also become extremely adept at inferential statistics and data management, which are skills many employers place a high value on. Participating in a research lab demonstrates your intellectual curiosity and looks great on a CV or resumé. Expectations for all undergraduate research assistants • Work with the lab includes both in-person meetings as well as independent work that you can schedule yourself. You will work on different projects depending on which team you join. • Commit to being a lab member for at least a year. • Uphold the highest standards of responsibility, reliability, and quality of work. • We strongly prefer second-year and third-year students who have already completed Intro Psych, Stats 1 &2, and Intro to Social Psych. RAs work closely with either a postdoc or doctoral student. Click here to learn more about our research leaders, their research interests, and projects.
  • Ph.D. Students
    *The MSR Lab is not currently accepting new Ph.D. students. Dr. Patricia Chen will be moving to the Department of Educational Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin starting Jan 2023. Please contact the her through that program if you are interested in applying for graduate school.
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